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End Of Life Pet Care

End Of Life Pet Care

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At-Home Euthanasia

If you're here, you're likely going through what all of us who love our animals eventually do - the pain of having to decide what to do when your pet's quality of life has been severely compromised.


We have prepared a guide (see the button below) with answers and information that we hope will help you in several ways:

  • Understanding how to make your decision with more comfort and confidence

  • How to gauge your pet's quality of life with seven considerations

  • Learn about euthanasia and what it is

  • Explaining pet loss to children

  • How to prepare for the day

  • Decisions to make ahead of time

  • What to expect during the process

  • Fear of being emotional... what if I cry?

  • Final arrangements: burial, cremation


At-Home Euthanasia

Mirthwood Medicine is very pleased to be able to offer at-home euthanasia to our clients and their pets in distress.


It is important to your comfort and your pet's that they be able to spend their final hours in familiar and comfortable surroundings, with the people they love the most in close attendance. 


In addition, to further make the most of the comfort and emotional security that the home environment can provide in your pet's last hours, we are pleased to be available during most evenings and even on weekends (schedule permitting) to come to your home or to receive you and your pet at our clinic in Saranac.


As detailed in our Guide To Euthanasia, if you are opting for the cremation of your pet, we can even provide transportation back to Mirthwood Clinic, where either of our recommended crematoriums will come and pick them up at no additional cost to you.


We know what a tough time this is - we've been there ourselves - and we will do everything to make this as gentle and smooth as possible for you, your pet and your family.

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