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Mirthwood Medicine

For over 40 years, Dr. Hannah McCormick has provided veterinary health care for pets, livestock and even injured wild creatures.


Anyone who knows her, knows that this level of care is beyond training and certification; it comes from a sincere heart and a genuine connection with this world and all the life it supports.


And while she was educated in 'Western' medicine at Cornell University, Dr. Hannah has always been a proponent and practitioner of alternative forms of the healing arts as well.


Often mixing these disciplines into her own practice in Saranac NY in combination with the requirements of 'traditional' animal medicine, she has always longed to dedicate herself exclusively to these often overlooked and undervalued approaches to veterinary care.


Until now...


Having sold her 35 year-old practice in 2022, she now embarks upon a new adventure - bringing the subtle healing arts of alternative medicine, with her unique holistic approach to animal care, to the Adirondack Mountains and their surrounding area.


Mirthwood Medicine is born, melding over 40 years of veterinary experience with an intuitive, whole-life approach to healing, restoring health by restoring the balance of every part of the body - physical, emotional and energetic - through the practice of herbology, nutraceuticals, cold-laser therapy, acupuncture, essential oils and energy work.


Several of these arts may be done in concert - laser and acupuncture for instance - and treatments are frequently done while patients are being treated with conventional veterinary care, providing a thoroughly rounded approach to your pet's welfare.

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